dancer, photographer, entrepreneur

I was one of those kids that traced over cartoon pictures, wore a t-shirt on my head and stared at the mirror for hours playing make believe. Played marbles and flew kites with the neighborhood boys. Ate mayo sandwiches and drank powered Coca-Cola. Hid candy under the mattress and stayed up in the late hours of the night listening to slow jams on my walkman. Helped my grandfather make cement and chop herbs for a great salsa. I am the kid who lived on Jeremiah Street, house 31, City of God, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was born and raised in the most creative household…a home filled with musicians. My grandfather was a composer who played the guitar, and my grandmother, just sang along with her beautiful voice. I've always loved the arts and anything artistic. My mind goes through myriad of ideas in a 24 hour span. My passion: help you reach on step further towards your goals.

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