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One Day At a Time

May 1, 2017
Plant, Cultivate, Harvest
April 24, 2017
What Pancakes Taught Me About Challenges and Perseverance
May 8, 2017

One Day at a Time

I am learning. One day at a time, one step at time, one good habit at a time. When you live in a world of instant results, consistency is the last of practices, yet, the essential key to success. I've always been consistent in being inconsistent. Yep. We've all struggled with it in some area of our lives. Be it a project, loosing weight, prayer life and the list goes on. You've tried to set up a calendar, reminders, post it notes, apps..... But you always seem to fall by the wayside. But how do you become consistent on the things that matters most? One step at a time, everyday! Just don't give up.